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Visit news.ycombinator.com — 162 comments (some of them were ours). There was lots of useful feedback, and some nice compliments:

Absolutely ingenious. I love what you’ve done here.

I agree, this could fix a massive amount of headaches depending on what kind of site you’re building.

If it’s proven to be performant enough, I think it would work for 90% of sites out there (pages of information + pictures)

Theoretically you could even have a graphic designer build a site without much code knowledge instead of hiring a webdev.

This is how you enable creative web design. Sure, you shouldn’t necessarily run your business on something like this (for a multitude of reasons), but for personal websites and prototypes this is great.

When Flash plugins were on the way out everyone always repeated how this would open the door for equally powerful HTML5 tooling. But while HTML5 has gained all the technical capabilities of Flash, nobody has managed to make an authoring tool as good as Adobe Flash. With the loss of Flash we mostly lost the creative websites by people who can’t code but are great at visual design. This comes close to enabling that again.

I really like that this allows people to finally break free from the box design and try something new. Of course there will be challenges like accessibility along the way but those can be solved.

An idea who’s time has come? SVG is an awesome concept, a superpower that has been basically demoted to create tiny vector icons.

Fuck yeah, I love svgs. I’m not a designer so this isn’t really for me, but the potential here is huge. Nice work.

I really really really really really really really really LOVE THIS.

1 feature I love to see, if possible, is to implement either youtube videos or Gifs.

(Would be cool if there was a really basic keyframe animation tool bar, but thats a lot of work) So don’t listen to me.

But overall i love this. Thank you for making this!

I like this idea. Using SVG on websites is quite fun to break the rigidness.

The workflow idea behind this is super innovative– From your SVG program directly to the web.

Of course some bugs to work out, but for a new idea, damn.

I think this is great! it has some drawbacks, but I enjoy seeing others push the web to its limits.

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