Upscayl for Upscaling

We avoid upscaling images, but sometimes it’s necessary.

When we built, we spent an enormous amount of time searching for crystal clear background images at high resolutions. Not all of the images we wanted were big enough, so we had to upscale some of them.

We used Photoshop, but Pixelmator Pro produces much better results.

And, Upscayl is a new Mac app that uses AI to create very clean and natural-feeling results.

Test Images

Here’s the original low-resolution JPG downloaded from the internet:

We’ll test three ways of upscaling the image:

  • Photoshop 24 (2023)
  • Pixelmator Pro
  • Upscayl

Here are the results:

Original image, zoomed in
Photoshop · resized to 400% with “Image Size” · 1 second
Pixelmator Pro · resized to 300% with “ML Super Resolution” · 3 seconds
Upscayl · resized to 400% with “Sharpen Image” · 3.5 minutes


Pixelmator Pro ($5/month) is far better than Photoshop at upscaling, and it’s extremely fast.

Upscayl consistently produces slightly better results, and it’s free.

Download Upscayl

You can download Upscayl at

You’ll find upscayl-2.0.1-mac.dmg listed under “Assets” about 1/3 of the way down the page.

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